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Virus Protection & Removal
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As the computing world continues to expand, so unfortunately does the amount and complexity of software that can damage your computer. There is a range of different types of malicious software (or malware) that can cause problems but viruses and spyware are the most frequent threats.

Viruses can appear from emails, websites and attachments. They can collect your credit card information, prevent programs from running, cause your computer to freeze or continuously reboot, and other serious problems. 

Spyware secretly gathers user information through the internet usually for advertising purposes, but can slow down your computer and can sometimes prevent your computer from running efficiently.
There are also other issues such as Trojans and Worms (certain types of virus), Pop-ups (an annoying nuisance while you are surfing the internet, causing your computer’s performance to slow down) and Spam (unsolicited email which can contain viruses or pretend to be your bank requesting credit card information).
>>> Tip:
>>> Do not open or reply to emails that you suspect to be spam!
>>> If you do it might prompt more spam to be sent to you.
At Grade-Up:Computer Repairs we can detect hidden malicious software, and not only will we eradicate it, but we will help your computer become safer in the future by installing anti-virus software programs and firewalls. This will strengthen your system so it can defend itself against these software threats more effectively. We can advise you how to keep your data safe, private and secure. 
We can remove and repair all kinds of malware affecting your machine. We will patch up the damage and help to protect your files in the future. You will be surprised at how responsive your system is after we have been to work.
If you suspect your computer has a virus, please contact us immediately.