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Sometimes hardware components within your machine will go wrong. If the fault cannot be repaired, then the part will need to be replaced. You may wish to upgrade the performance, in which case a component with a higher specification can be fitted.


It is often preferable and cheaper to upgrade and optimize parts of your existing computer system rather than replacing the whole lot. There are lots of different types of upgrades that can be carried out. We can help you decide if an upgrade is necessary and what options are available to you to meet your requirements.
>>> Tip:
>>> Upgrading the memory on your computer or laptop is a simple way to improve performance.
>>> We can propose options for you to give top performance for your computing needs and budget.
At Grade-Up:Computer Repairs we have successfully replaced or upgraded various components on both laptops and PCs, including:-
· RAM Memory
· Hard Drive
· Disk Drive
· CD-ROM/DVD Drive
· Motherboard
· Power Supply
· Monitor
· Laptop Screen
· Keyboard/Mouse
· Modem
· Network Card
· USB2 Card
· Graphics Card
· Sound Card
· Power Supply
· And more
Please get in touch now if you wish to enquire further about upgrading these components, or others not listed here. 
If you do want a completely new computer, we can help you decide what features you need, and then supply and set it up for you.
At Grade-Up:Computer Repairs we’ll not only set up your computer but also your printer, scanner and other accessories, and after you tell us how exactly you would like your computer configured, we’ll set up your machine for e-mail, internet access and virus protection.  We can transfer any files and settings from an old computer, and connect to an existing network.
We can also help you to feel comfortable with the use of e-mails and surfing the Internet, virus protection and more.
Please contact us now if you wish to find out more.