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Grade-Up:Computer Repairs
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Based in Heaton Moor, Stockport
Tel: 0161 432 1367  

Unfortunately computers can crash and completely freeze up from time to time. This can make it impossible to log on to your system, and cause you to worry that you might have lost important data as well as the use of your machine.

At Grade-Up:Computer Repairs we can help if your computer has crashed, so don’t panic if this has happened to you. We will do our best to fix the system, return it to a normal working state and recover your data as quickly and completely as possible. 
We understand how important all your files, photos and music are to you, so our first priority is to make sure all your data is safe.
Should it be that your computer is beyond repair, we can supply and set up a new computer for you, installing all necessary software, updating your applications and moving your data from the old computer to the new one. 
We can also help you to upgrade your system to ensure protection from possible future failures, and advise you how to keep your data safe, private and secure.
Please contact us now if you wish to find out more.